Muscle Testing Assessments

There are 4 Types of Assessments available:

1. Initial Assessment- 1 Hr

See: Examples of symptoms that a Muscle Testing Analysis can provide feedback on

Step 1: Intake Form
Step 2: Organ and Gland Assessment
Step 3: Heavy Metal Screen
Step 4: Parasite Screen

It is recommended that an initial assessment be combined with an Electrode Therapy– 6o min Add on to eliminate the parasites that are identified in the initial assessment.

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2. Electrode Therapy- 1 Hr (Add-on to Initial Assessment)

This is highly recommended to eliminate the parasites that have been identified in your initial assessment, particularly for clients living outside of Vancouver as alternatively there will be a wait time for a follow up electrode therapy treatment.

For more information on Electrode Therapy, read over this article.


3. Follow up Assessment- 1 Hr (For existing clients only)

You should schedule 60 minutes as opposed to the standard 30-minute follow up assessment if it has been 6 months or longer since your last assessment, or if you have developed multiple issues that seem to be unrelated, and that you wish to devote extra time to. As needed (if you have picked up any new parasites), Electrode Therapy can be incorporated into this assessment.

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 4. Follow up Assessment- 30 min (For existing clients only)

This assessment can serve two purposes:

First, it is the necessary follow up 2 to 4 weeks after your Electrode Therapy is completed, both to verify all parasites have been eliminated and confirm that there are no remaining symptoms or issues that need to be addressed.

Second, it can be used for an as-needed check up. In this context, what transpires in the assessment can be flexible and open-ended.

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