2. Electrode Therapy- 1 Hr (Add-on to Initial Assessment)

This is highly recommended to eliminate the parasites that have been identified in your initial assessment, particularly for clients living outside of Vancouver as alternatively there will be a wait time for a follow up electrode therapy treatment.

For the sake of efficiency, this can be selected when you first make your appointment as an add-on appointment immediately following your initial assessment. This ensures you can have a time in conjunction with your assessment time.

Example: Recommended Scheduling Format

5:00 pm Initial Assessment
6:00 pm Electrode Therapy 60-min Add on to Initial Assessment

How to Add this Service onto your Appointment:

Step 1: Schedule Initial Assessment on the Schedulicity Page: 

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Step 2: Select Add Service:




Step 3: Add the service titled: Electrode Therapy- 1 Hr (Add-on to Initial Assessment)









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