What is Electrode Therapy?

Electrode therapy is a simple, quick, efficient way to eliminate parasites.

It is a 60 minute add-on to the initial assessment (or included as part of every follow up assessment). It provides a safe, reliable alternative to other antiparasitic protocols such as parasite medication, sound therapy and medicinal herbs.

To appreciate the benefit of Electrode Therapy, the challenges of the other forms of therapies should be considered:

1. Medicinal Herbs, challenges:

  • in general, only about 10% effective
  • need to be taken up to 3x/day
  • need to be consumed for up to 6 weeks
  • no single herb treats all parasites so you need to know how to connect the dots between your parasite and your herb. In this way you might need to take 8 to 10 different herbs at different quantities for differing lengths of time.
  • The reason they are only 10% effective is that you’d need to get all the variables right, and then finally, they only work when you match up the strongest herb with the weakest parasite. Most herbs are  diluted or weak and most parasites are strong, so it’s a very subjective process and as a result, it’s common to feel no further ahead than when you started

2. Parasite Medication, challenges:

  • In general, 100% effective BUT:
    • They can have side effects (vomiting, nausea, etc)
    • In Canada, the USA and many other countries, most of them require a prescription
    • Getting a prescription requires a stool test which is usually inconclusive (here’s why)
    • Doctors will be uncomfortable recommending such a high amount of pills so you may not even get the prescription
    • Prescription prices are extremely high: between $800 and $2500 for a full course of medications covering 8 to 10 different parasites
    • Ordering medications from overseas discount providers costs a fraction of this ($200-$400) but that can still add up
    • Overseas ordering can take a month or more
    • Overseas ordering sometimes causes the pills to be seized by customs
    • Whether you order the pills yourself or get a prescription, and whether you pay $200-400 or $800-2500, the timeline of taking these medicines can stretch out over a 3 to 6 week period, which needs to be worked around school, home or work obligations. This can be a disincentive to start, and can drag things out even longer.

3. Sound Therapy

  • Bypasses most of the problems with medication but it’s only 50% effective, and there’s no way of knowing which 50% you fall into until you try it
  • Requires purchasing $200 headphones or some other good-quality speaker to convey the sound
  • Requires listening to the sound frequency for 8 to 12 hours per parasite, which is inconvenient and in some cases prohibitive
  • You won’t know whether it’s worked until you attend a follow up assessment

Until now, these three options have been the only options in trying to eliminate a parasite.

Electrode Therapy solves each of these issues

Electrode Therapy:

  • Immediate Results (works in around 5 minutes per parasite)
  • Safe (works the same way the Tens or Dr. Ho machines work, via electrodes placed comfortably on the skin)
  • Effective: works 100% of the time
  • Time efficient: Can happen immediately following your Initial Assessment so the parasites are eliminated the same day they are identified. You won’t need to think about them after the Electrode Therapy because they’ll be gone

The following problems specific to other treatments are eliminated

  • Symptoms/side effects
  • Prescription medicines causing symptoms
  • Needing to get parasites medically diagnosed via inconclusive lab testing
  • Wait time to order medications
  • Expense of medications
  • Time needed to take medications
  • Wait time for a follow up appointment to see if the medications worked

How Electrode Therapy Works

Once your parasites have been identified in the initial assessment, the organ test points are muscle tested for the frequency needed to eliminate any parasites found.

Medical-grade electrodes are placed on your wrists and ankles. These are connected to a function generator, which transmits the signal necessary to eliminate the parasite. This happens at a rate of 5 minute per organism, then it’s over and done with. Typically, 8 t0 10 parasites can be eliminated in an hour.

The frequency from the function generator is a pulse wave hertz frequency. This is amplified by ultra-low voltage to change the vibrational intensity of your body. This frequency is tailored to alter the resonating frequency of the parasite, resulting in it’s immediate, painless death. It’s very humane to the organism, which doesn’t suffer at all… And painless to you. This is an ideal solution, really a wonderful discovery.

For the record, using frequency generators to eradicate parasites is not a new idea (e.g. handheld parasite zappers on eBay) but the distinctions that have been made in this context eliminate the guesswork typical with this technology and allow it to actually work in a reliable, predictable fashion.

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