The Common Thread in Auto-Immune Conditions: Parasites and Metal Toxicity

In the early part of the 21st century, an internet search of the term “autoimmune” still brings up some variation of the defeatist concept that there is no cure, that your immune system is like a guided missile and you’re the target.

Wikipedia lists over 100 documented autoimmune disorders and I recently heard the number 400. It seems they’re discovering new ones all the time. If these were guided missiles you could make the argument that some war was happening. And that’s exactly what it feels like for someone suffering from one of these conditions, but the war is inside the body. Why does the immune system fire on itself and how can we stop it? 

What if there was a common thread to all autoimmune disorders? This question inspired a good friend and long-time supporter of mine, Marta Rode to start the Find the Common Thread Foundation, based out of Jasper, Canada. For years she organized an annual Pajama Day where everyone in town would walk around in their pajamas as a way of encouraging conversation about autoimmune conditions and in March of 2016 she hosted the first Jasper Common Thread Auto-immune Conference. I had a table there and met a number of the attendees. We all had a good time. Here’s a picture of Marta and me at the conference.

Autoimmune 1

Featured in the image below, right, I’m with my friend and muscle testing aficionado Meg Arn who embodies the adage that laughter is the best medicine. In the background is my parasite testing kit with a complete periodic table for on-the-spot metal toxicity testing.

Autoimmune 2

A Common Thread

The central theme of the conference, that there must be a common thread to all autoimmune disorders, is one a lot of people have put a lot of serious thought into.

In Western Culture, the most popular proposals of a common thread are: gender, age, genetics, vaccinations, pollution, metal toxicity, preservatives in processed foods, food allergies, leaky gut and bone marrow damage. More esoteric approaches address psychological or emotional blockages to healing, unresolved energetic or karmic issues and even past-life trauma spilling over into the present.

To cure an autoimmune disorder, it is necessary to sift through these factors to understand which ones are most likely to produce the desired outcome with the physical symptoms. My perspective in the matter – and why this should matter to you – is based on some success I’ve had in helping people I’ve consulted with to resolve a number of autoimmune conditions.

I’ve noticed what’s been working and I’d like to share it so that everyone can benefit. I thought it would be simplest if I repeated in writing a conversation I had with a number of visitors at this particular event, so that the idea can take on a life of its own and begin to spread beyond the limits of a single event.

What if the common thread of all autoimmune conditions is some combination of metal toxicity and parasites?

1. Parasites

Considering that there are over 1000 different parasites you can easily get, and that something like 95% of the planet is infected, it is alarming how little is understood about them. This isn’t because parasites can’t be studied in a lab, it’s because most people are carrying them around without realizing it. Standard lab testing does little to correct this misconception as most tests come back negative, even on people who legitimately have a parasite. Here’s a short write-up on why that is.

I’m going to share a few examples I have seen in a clinical setting where people were medically diagnosed with some form of autoimmune condition that ended up disappearing when we identified and eliminated a parasite:

Celiac: usually caused by an intestinal fluke. Gluten is its favourite food, there’s a fluke feeding frenzy every time someone with a fluke eats gluten, which would predispose that person to experience the symptoms we use the name celiac to describe. The celiac myth mistakenly states that the inflammatory response is an immune system reaction to the gluten protein itself. I am proposing that the entire gluten-free celiac industry is simply unaware of the existence of the intestinal fluke. Think about it: every celiac I’ve ever tested has had an intestinal fluke and intestinal flukes are literally the most common parasite in the world. The severity of the symptoms varies with the quantity of flukes one person has relative to another. The more flukes, the greater the “celiac” response. I have former celiacs now eating gluten and all we did was eliminate their intestinal fluke so where’s the “auto” in autoimmune? As per this article by the CDC, parasite microbiologists at this stage are not equating the intestinal fluke with a gluten allergy, hence the statement “many people do not have symptoms”. It would be interesting if all these global celiac conferences and societies switched gears and became intestinal fluke societies. More productive, I think.

Gluten allergy (non-celiac): usually caused by toxocara or trichina (the pork roundworm). Toxocara and trichina like gluten too, just not as much as the fluke family. Having better table manners, they eat it more politely and slowly so you feel bad when they have a bowel movement inside you hours later instead of minutes later as with flukes.

Milk allergy: caused by tapeworms, dwarf tapeworms, flukes and some roundworms. When you consider how widespread milk allergies are, the distribution of these parasites will impress itself upon you. When you factor in that many of the parasites are spread by the consumption of raw fish, a dietary habit common in Asian countries, the root of the misconception that Asian populations are lactose intolerant becomes illuminated. The western popularity of sushi houses also explains why lactose intolerance is on the rise in non-Asian populations.

Polycystic kidney disorders: caused by Enteromeba Histolytica, which can send cyst-forming eggs into the kidneys. E. Histolytica can also cause chronic anemia (iron deficiency).

Polymyalgic Rheumatica: has sometimes gone away when we identified and eliminated toxocara (the dog roundworm), but there could also be overlap with element toxicity in these cases.

Guillain-Barre syndrome: so far, has been caused by the fish tapeworm every time. Unlike other tapeworms, the fish tapeworm grows 3 feet per year and reaches 60 feet when fully grown. This is the equivalent of having a full-length garden hose alive and crawling around in your intestines. In its initial stages, the aggressive growth spurt puts the pelvis in a knot, which pinches all the nerves going to the legs and mimics the symptoms of neurological degeneration.

Retinal inflammation: (inevitable blindness is often predicted) onchocerciasis, also known as river blindness, is a filarial roundworm spread by mosquito bites in the tropics. You don’t have to be in central Africa to get it, it’s widespread throughout Central and South America and Asia. But toxocara can also cause this if you pick up a strain with a tropism that predisposes it to crawl into the eye.

What’s missing in the field of parasite testing is certainty. The facts are well known but because we’re misled by inaccurate stool tests, nobody thinks any of these facts apply to them. Food for thought…

However, while parasites are the periodic cause of autoimmune disorders, the overwhelming majority of cases seem to have a more direct causal relationship with metal toxicity:

2. Metal Toxicity

The term heavy metal is popular but misleading. There are 74 elements that can potentially cause toxicity and they are not all classified as metals. For example, on the periodic table arsenic is a semi-metal and calcium is an alkaline earth. To make it simple: think of heavy metal toxicity as “Element Toxicity”, and bear in mind that forms of an element you may be familiar with as a good, nutritional mineral (such as calcium) can also have a bad, non-nutritional, pure elemental toxic form.

Tabel of Elements

I have encountered hundreds of examples of people diagnosed with major autoimmune disorders who not only had a metal toxicity as their primary problem, but who experienced a full resolution of the autoimmune symptoms when the metal was removed. Here are a few:

Diabetes: lead, aluminum, arsenic or mercury poisoning, localized in the pancreas where it clogs the islet cells and blocks insulin production. A removal of the metal in each case leads to a restoration of normal blood sugar levels, as long as its not being replaced from a current source. This can be more difficult than it sounds. Lead, for example, can come from a dietary source like tap water or some bottled waters and alcohols (which are made with tap water) but also from inhalant sources like shaving creams, soaps and perfumes. Where diabetes is caused by lead toxicity, identifying all the sources of lead in one’s life can be difficult. This is why diabetes can be a difficult condition; what I’m proposing is that we’re looking at the wrong difficult aspect of the condition, and that there is a more productive approach than pretending the immune system is on self-destruct.

Multiple sclerosis: elemental calcium toxicity, localized in the muscle tissue where it causes chronic over-contraction and eventual paralysis of the skeletal muscles. I have also noticed a case of MS where there was aluminum toxicity in the motor cortex of the brain. As with lead above, eliminating all elemental calcium sources can be extremely difficult, particularly when we consider the degree of misconceptions our society holds about calcium via the alkaline water industry.

Fibromyalgia: has so far always been arsenic poisoning, disseminated from the digestive or pulmonary systems out to the muscle tissue where it causes a chronic, burning inflammation that seems to spread through every cell in the body. It is completely curable as long as the two-part solution is implemented of 1) removing the current arsenic and 2) eliminating future arsenic. Since arsenic is in most foods and drinks that have been sprayed with pesticides, it’s actually quite difficult to avoid for people who are sensitive to it (not everyone is sensitive, which explains why not everyone gets diagnosed with fibromyalgia).

Rheumatoid arthritis: usually but not always tin toxicity, localized in the bone marrow where it causes a slow, inner warping of the bone tissue. As with the other element toxicities, tin comes from sources as diverse as laundry soap, shampoos, creams, tap water and carbonated water. I’ve even found it in canned, powdered chicken soup broth and luncheon meats. I have had incredible success with people who had RA: one in particular told me he has spent the past month digging up his garden because its the first time he could hold a shovel in years. But identifying numerous tin sources is complex and requires considerable follow up. In an ideal world, this follow up would take place with a rheumatologist, but that would require practitioners within that discipline to develop a subspecialty in organic chemistry which in some cases would entail a learning curve.

Gout: Silver poisoning, which soaks into the bones and joints, causing all the symptoms associated with gout. It explains why King Henry the 8th had it, and why it is called “King’s Disease”: historically, only kings could afford to drink out of silver goblets, although today it is found in sources as diverse as soap, perfume, household cleaning products, dryer sheets and many alcohol and tobacco products.

Osteoarthritis: interestingly enough, often has the same cause as gout: silver. It seems that some people’s immune systems process silver in the bones (osteo) while other in the joints (gout). As with all element toxicities, some people are immune to it, which explains why not everyone gets gout and osteoarthritis.

This explains why autoimmune disorders are organized by organ or body part (e.g. Liver, Pancreas, Bones): because that’s where the element toxicity soaks in when it soaks in.

Quantum Medicine

This is a different way of looking at illness. Certainly, it turns modern medical philosophy on its head because the essence of medicine since the time of Hippocrates has been “diagnosis”, a word that has meant and been spelled the same (διάγνωση – Diagnosis) for 2400 years. Diagnosis does not involve finding a cure. It does not involve finding a common thread. Diagnosis has done its job once it has summarized a set of symptoms and given them a name: diabetes, multiple sclerosis, etc. All this nonsense about finding a cure is just that: nonsense. It is intellectually impossible to recognize a cure when labouring under a medical philosophy that is tailored only to look for a problem. But more on that rant some other time.

The bottom line is that once we make the conceptual leap to the idea that the common thread to all autoimmune disorders lies in some combination of parasites and element toxicities, we find this mentally satisfactory not only because it is in accord with modern scientific theory but also because it contains an inherent solution that the current autoimmune approach lacks.

The current (shall I say previous?) autoimmune philosophy is defeatist: it presupposes that our immune systems are defective idiots attacking themselves. This alternative philosophy gives more credit to the body and offers a solution.

Put more bluntly, the previous autoimmune philosophy perpetuates illness; an understanding of parasites and element toxicity offers a solution. As far as I can see it offers the only effective solution anyone has come up with so far (I define “effective” as the symptoms of the condition being resolved within 1-2 months).

This is the quantum medicine the 20th century was looking for, although they got a bit distracted along the way by magnets and crystals, which don’t appear to help with anything. Quantum medicine sounds like a great, unreachable space-age notion but all “quantum” means is “small”. Guess what’s so small you can’t see it? Parasites and parasite eggs. And guess what’s even smaller? Atoms (e.g. elements, otherwise known as metals, infamous as metal toxicity).

There is no question that the groups of symptoms represented by the names of these various autoimmune conditions do exist. Of course they exist, as symptoms… But the philosophy of diagnosis which holds that the symptoms should be given a name (e.g. any condition in the autoimmune umbrella) and that the name can be the cause of the symptoms has to be called into question. A thing cannot cause itself. Diabetes cannot cause diabetes. Far from being a philosophical abstraction, this is an intensely practical concern.

From a conceptual standpoint, if we replace all these names of conditions with root causes of the symptoms, we have something we can deal with: legitimate causes (element toxicities and parasites) with clear solutions taking place within a predictable timeframe. And it’s repeatable, which is the hallmark of all great scientific advances.

Quantifying the Quantum

The most pressing challenge with the new philosophy of Quantum Medicine lies in how to quantify what we’re finding. Parasites 2

Modern medical parasite screens are such a sham that for most people there’s no point in even doing one. It’s not that tests can’t find anything, it’s that looking properly is too expensive, so they just don’t. Or they miss it. There are over 1000 parasites to test for and that’s not in the budget for any public or private healthcare system. Unless they see crawlies under the microscope, they move on. There is a mistaken belief that everyone has at least a few parasites and that’s okay. In fact, almost everyone has a few parasites and its not even remotely okay. This is one of the major oversights of 19th and 20th century medicine and 95% of the planet is suffering the effects of this oversight.

A muscle testing parasite screen is much more accurate because it can identify parasites anywhere in the body’s BioElectric Field, and can do so instantly and cheaply without the limitations inherent in the current testing methodology. But doctors aren’t legally allowed to use muscle testing for this purpose. On the other hand, alternative practitioners who do use muscle testing seem to be under the illusion that herbal parasite cleanses work, which is incorrect, they don’t, ever. So the guys who can write the prescription don’t know which prescription to give, and the guys who have a general idea that a prescription is needed either can’t write it, or won’t. 

Doctors need to understand that the alternative method of identifying parasites it more effective than their limited stool testing approach. Alternative practitioners need to understand that prescription medications are the only effective method of eliminating a parasite once it has been identified because herbal therapies never work. The good news is the world’s top 5 anti-parasitic medications are extremely safe and are available over the counter in most countries, (though not in the US or Canada where many of my readers live) and they treat the 200 or so most common parasites in the world. Its a great start, and knowledge is power: I’ve worked out a systematic method of connecting the dots here and it is repeatable, but its too complex to explain in this context. I reference it so you can understand that there is a comprehensive solution available. At some point I’ll publish it in book form.

Heavy metal testing hElement Toxicityas it’s own challenges. Where modern medical testing can be accurate in finding traces of elements through blood testing, urine testing and hair metal analysis, it is limited in that it can’t quantify the four things you actually need to know about element toxicity:

  1. Which organs the element is in
  2. How much is in that organ
  3. How to get it out, and
  4. How it got into you in the first place.

I have developed a scientific, systematic method of using muscle testing to identify, locate and quantify these element toxicities, and to my knowledge I am the first one who has done so. However, like the parasite screen, testing for element toxicity is complex and could not be explained in such a narrow context. I will state for the record that using homeopathic vials as part of the testing process is a move in the wrong direction. Anyone offering a muscle testing analysis of your element toxicity should be using pure element samples and testing them directly on your bioelectric field, otherwise there’s no accountability.

In its current form, the whole field of metal testing is swamped in misconceptions and the use of the word “metal” itself leads the pack. The elements in question are not all metals. For example, elemental calcium, one of the main causes of MS is categorized as an Alkaline Earth. Perhaps the most common misconception is that mercury is the cause of most autoimmune conditions: it’s not. Where it is a factor, it never comes from fish or dental fillings. In fact it is used as a thickening agent in thousands of consumer products, from chewing gum, cookies, syrups, candies and cake mixes, sauces, ketchups and dressings to laundry detergents, dish soaps, household paints, children’s markers and bubble bath. When you hear the word “junk food” what junk did you think was in there?

Moving Forward

The fact is, parasites and element toxicities are all fully registered and expressed in the body’s bioelectric field. It would be preferable to read that field with a star trek-like tri-corder device but at this time we lack a device advanced enough to evaluate and interpret the BioElectric Field (although biofeedback machines are a move in the right direction). As advances in modern technology make this a reality, it will render muscle testing obsolete. Until then, muscle testing is the best and only interim solution and it will always be a free, accurate backup option.

This is a conversation worth having. It is certainly a controversial issue. Perhaps until now it hasn’t been a popular conversation because there is less money in such a simple solution. Also, centuries of established dogma are understandably hard to reverse, and there are diverse parties who have a vested interest in things staying the way they are. But for obvious reasons the people suffering from these conditions are among those with the most open-mindedness and it is to them that I address this article, as well as to the scientists and visionaries who love science as much as I do, and understand that this is what moves the human race forward.

Open mindedness starts with a questioning process. These are the questions we need to be asking. If you suffer from an autoimmune condition, I recommend that you focus your questioning process on the variables outlined above.

The best attitude in seeking any solution is to leave no stone unturned, and this is a very alluring stone. Its hard to turn over because it is so massive but when you do, you might find, like many others have, that your symptoms lessen in proportion to the degree to which you identify and eliminate your parasites and element toxicities, as well as the external sources of both.

In closing, I’d like to send out a special thanks to Marta Rode from Jasper for being such a force to be reckoned with when it comes to championing controversial ideas in general and the Common Thread idea in specific, and for caring so much about the health of others. If we had more Martas in the world, maybe we’d all be a bit Smarta.

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