Major Breakthrough: Eliminating Parasites in 5 Minutes

The timeline for eliminating parasites has been reduced to 5 minutes per species. This represents a significant improvement over the previous processes of taking parasite medicines (which could drag on for up to 4 months with ordering, etc.) and using sound frequencies (which was only effective on 50% of the people who tried it). The new technique works in approx 5 minutes on every species of parasite. More to the point it works 100% of the time on every person, making it an appropriate, convenient, universal solution to the parasite problem.

The science is based on the same vibrational frequency that is the reason sound therapy works, but with this new approach the frequency is not translated into sound but rather, left in its root form as pure energy and conveyed through the skin in an ultra-low voltage format via medical-grade electrodes placed on the wrists and ankles. This solves the problem of sound therapy working inconsistently. Electrode therapy works on everyone.

Any readers who are familiar with the work of Royal Rife and/or Hulda Clark will already be aware of this as a concept. However it is important to clarify that far from being inspired by their works, or borrowing from them, it was necessary to entirely reinvent the process (as will be seen below) since their experiments were not coherent and their results were not reproducible.

Eliminating Parasites: The 4 Ingredients

There are 4 ingredients necessary to eliminate a parasite. These haven’t changed, except that with the 3rd ingredient (method of treatment), electrode therapy can now replace medication as the most efficient treatment option.

1. Method of Locating the Problem:

A systematic muscle testing analysis of the body’s organ test points will reveal multiple areas of imbalance. The stomach can be used as an example. The adjacent image is of the stomach organ test point.

Stomach then is a problem. At this stage, we don’t know what the problem is, just where the problem is. The problem has been located. This step is vital when we consider that the autonomic nervous system is incapable of providing us with internal information about organ functionality. Unless the problem results in outright pain, we are oblivious. The stomach producing a weak muscle testing response, then, will be the most specific information we are likely to get. Since we are starting with a certainty, this simple bit of binary information will end up being much more advanced than complicated medical procedures like scopes, ultrasounds, blood tests and immunoglobulin analyses, all of which are founded on uncertainty (e.g. probing in the dark).

As an initial frame of reference, it is vital to be able to refer to the stomach test point to address hypotheses as to what the cause of the stomach problem is. If we were building a house, this would be the foundation. Without being able to quantify this as a starting point, we could build no further.

2. Method of Quantifying the Problem:

Once the problem area has been identified, it can now become clear what the problem is. Speculation will arise as to the underlying causes of imbalance and from different perspectives, each of these can seem accurate: a reaction to a food, a nutritional deficiency, a fungal infection, a heavy metal toxicity, a bacterial overgrowth or a parasite.

The question becomes one of priority. Where multiple problems are identified, is it necessary to determine which one is the root cause. If the root cause is addressed, the imbalance will be corrected. If it were not addressed, the treatment would have to be ongoing (e.g. treating the symptom instead of the cause is an ongoing process). There is a science to establishing priority in cases like this but for the sake of efficiency we will jump to the solution: a parasite is usually at the root of any organ imbalance.

The challenge then is to quantify which parasite the stomach is hosting, since traditional means like stool, blood and urine analysis are both inaccurate and incapable of providing information about which organ a parasite is in. A muscle testing analysis can provide this information in the following way:

Step 1: Do a baseline muscle test on the person being tested
Step 2: Perform the organ test point for stomach (in keeping with the current example); compare strength response with the baseline.

Interpretation A: if arm tests same as baseline (strong), no problem has been identified, no need to proceed.
Interpretation B: if arm tests weaker than baseline (weak), an unknown problem has been identified. Proceed to step 3

Step 3: While touching the stomach test point, introduce a sufficiently large sample of prescription parasite medicine to the person’s bioelectric field (e.g. hold the sample against their stomach) and retest

Interpretation A: if weak arm still tests weak, no solution has been identified, repeat step 3 with a different sample
Interpretation B: if weak arm now tests strong, the correct solution has been identified. Proceed to step 4

Step 4: Test for quantity of the medicine by the necessary increments (e.g. hold 1 pill against their stomach, then 2, then 3, etc, until the weak arm tests strong)

Interpretation A: If 1 pill produces a strong response, check pharmacology table to see what 1 pill treats
Interpretation B: If 2 pills produce a strong response, check pharmacology table to see what 2 pills treat
Interpretation C: If 3 pills produce a strong response, check pharmacology table to see what 3 pills treat

This requires that the tester be in possession of two things: samples of parasite medicine and a precise understanding of which organism each medicine corresponds with. The reason prescription parasite medicine is used for testing purposes is that their quantities are predictable, and remain consistent for tracking purposes. Also, it is easier to associate a medication with a parasite when the medication only treats that parasite, whereas blanket herbal medicines are neither consistent in concentration nor adequate indicators of single organisms.

Let’s pretend the stomach tests for 1 pill of mebendazole 100mg. That dosage of mebendazole only treats one thing: common roundworm (Ascaris Lumbricoides). If someone’s stomach is testing for a dosage of medicine that only treats common roundworm, it is reasonable to assume that they have common roundworm. This is a very simple equation, right?

The problem with stomach has been quantified. The question is now what to do about it?

3. Method of Treating the Problem:

There are multiple options available when treating a parasite; this is where flexibility enters into the process. You can try the pharmaceutical medication was already tested but you also have many other options: medicinal herbs, fasting, essential oils, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, sound frequency therapy and electrode therapy. Theoretically, any of them could work. But does each of them work?

No. Not all treatments work. There are multiple reasons a treatment may not work: With a medicine you could be missing a dose, not taking the dose frequently enough (in times per day or in total days), vomiting up a dose or reintroducing the parasite during the dose. With the energy therapies, the frequency could simply not be tuned correctly, or not at a high enough voltage, or not applied long enough.

However, taking for granted that you have done the treatment correctly, in general there is only one reason a treatment doesn’t work: that it isn’t capable of working. (E.g. not the correct treatment for that organism). All treatments do not work on all things; this is why you need step 4. Without step 4, you’re guessing and hoping which is not effective.

4. Method of Confirming the Treatment Worked:

This step is the simplest as it is the same as step 2 (see above).

Interpretation A: If you replicate step 2 and can no longer find the parasite, in the original organ or any other organ, the chosen treatment method worked (or possibly you’re not looking hard enough).
Interpretation B: If you replicate step 2 and can still find it, the chosen treatment method did not work.

And this is what we need to know. Did it work? If it worked, problem solved. If it didn’t work, that treatment is a waste of your time and energy, and more importantly, you still have a parasite.

The concern with all of the possible treatments you could try is that in the absence of quantifying which parasite was there to begin with (where and what), anyone can pick an option for step 3 (how to get rid of it) and try it, but then there is no basis for quantifying that it worked. You could still have the parasite and still be suffering from the symptoms.

The conceptual danger this represents is that if you are searching for an understanding of what is causing your symptoms, you could think you have eliminated the parasite and since you still experience the symptoms, spend unnecessary years exploring other avenues. This is the modern healthcare system in a nutshell.

Without step 4, there is no feedback loop to tie you back to biomedical reality. Ironically, considering that muscle testing is viewed as such a soft science, when used properly in this way it can be much more concrete than other more popular approaches.

Statistics of Parasite Treatments:

Building on the methodology outlined above, some interesting facts come to light about the various approaches to eliminating parasites. Their relative effectiveness is most easily expressed as a set of statistics. The sample group for this data is over 1000 people, the average count of parasite species per person was 6. Count within a species is not included since it is irrelevant: the right treatment will work on 20 hookworms as easily as 2000, though the latter host would certainly feel happier about the outcome.

1. Medicinal Herbs: less than 10% effective
2. Parasite Medicine: 100% effective but with side effects and can take months
3. Chinese Medicine: around 10% effective
4. Ayurvedic Medicine: around 10% effective
5. Acupuncture: 0% effective on parasites
6. Fasting: not effective. If you starve the parasite, it will eat you instead of your lunch
7. Essential Oils: not effective at killing the parasite but sometimes lulls it into a stupor
8. Sound Therapy: around 50% effective with no side effects
9. Electrode Therapy: 100% effective in 5 minutes per species with no side effects

The person from the example above who tested for roundworm medicine on their stomach test point can pick whichever one of these treatments they prefer, but they can’t escape reality: at some point they will need to be retested to see if the parasite is gone. When they do so, they will find that the effectiveness of their chosen treatment will fall roughly within these statistics (e.g. if they have taken the medicinal herb black walnut, there will be a 90% chance they still have common roundworm, if they have taken medicine or used electrode therapy, there will be a 0% chance).

Electrode Therapy

Consideration of the above statistics leads to the obvious conclusion that electrode therapy is ideal. It is immediate, side-effect-free and effective 100% of the time (although contraindicated for people with a pacemaker).

Once this is agreed upon, it becomes necessary to clarify what is meant by the title of this post, where a ‘Major Breakthrough’ is claimed. Isn’t electrode therapy already widely in use? What, then is the breakthrough?

I am not claiming as a major breakthrough the sudden discovery of the frequency therapy that everyone else has been using all along. On the contrary, I am specifying that the frequency therapy everyone has been using from the 20th century until now has been incorrect. This was simple to identify:

Step 1: Locate the problem
Step 2: Quantify the problem
Step 3: Introduce the proposed solution (20th century frequency therapy)
Step 4: Retest to see if it worked

The results have always been the same: frequency therapy has never worked. The market is flooded with these devices, alternately called Rife machines or parasite zappers. You can buy them on eBay, they run anywhere from $200 to $3000 but even if you follow the instructions to a T, they simply don’t work.

Having been aware of this problem, it was easier to create a new science of frequency from the ground up than try to build on the crumbled foundation these various devices represent.

This has been the major breakthrough. A means has been identified by which any parasite can be eliminated in around 5 minutes. Factoring in that the parasite has been located (Step 1) and identified (Step 2), when Electrode Therapy is introduced in the format I have uncovered (as Step 3), the retest (Step 4) will always confirm that the parasite is out.

This is remarkable. You would have to be someone who has experienced how much suffering parasites can cause over a long period of time, and who has tried (usually unsuccessfully) the various treatment options available to understand how significant it is to suddenly be able to press a button and have the thing out in 5 minutes.

How Does it Work?

Anyone familiar with the 20th century way of thinking about this problem will want to know what the frequency is that has finally been discovered to work after all this time. I’m not going to post the information because that wouldn’t solve the problem of why nobody else has figured this out.

The basis of these various Rife machines and parasite zappers on the market is that they all rely on the Rife Frequencies. Royal Rife was a 20th century scientist who claimed to have discovered a set of frequencies that could eliminate parasites.

Here are some examples of Rife Frequencies:

Parasites, general (1) 20, 64, 72, 96, 112, 120, 125, 128, 152, 240, 334, 422, 442, 524, 651, 688, 732, 751, 800, 854, 1864
Parasites, general (2) – 120, 128, 422, 644/642, 676, 688/690, 712, 728, 732, 800/802, 1550/1552, 1862/1864, 2112, 4412
Parasites general (3) – 47, 72, 80, 95, 120, 125, 440, 444, 465, 660, 665, 690, 727, 728, 740, 770, 780, 800, etc

There were two problems with his discovery which a muscle testing analysis quickly quantifies:
First: the same frequency never works on two different people, unless accidentally.
Second: all of his numbers are integral numbers, which don’t work at all. They would need to have been fractional numbers (numbers with decimal places) to work, and even if he had realized this, the first point (above) still applies.

In short, all the Rife numbers are wrong for you, because every new parasite you acquire needs a new frequency to kill it, and that frequency will need to be muscle tested into the fractional range to be effective.

In summary, then: Many people think they are using electrode therapy but they’re not aware of two simple problems embedded in their approach:

  1. The Rife frequencies don’t work
  2. All frequency machines sold for parasite elimination are preset with Rife frequencies

Therefore none of them could possible work…on you. Or your kids.

The Major Breakthrough

What has been discovered is a way of using a muscle testing analysis to customize a frequency to an organ test point in such a way that it is effective in eliminating the parasite every time. This was the basis for sound therapy except that sound didn’t always work, making it inconvenient for some people. Electrode therapy is 100% effective because it skips the step of translating the frequency into sound waves and connects it directly to the body via electrodes.

This is confirmed every time when Step 4 verifies that the parasite can no longer be found. Participants in the original test group were all tested the next day to confirm the results had not changed overnight, and then a week later. It has been confirmed to be an effective solution in every new case.

The process of explaining how someone would replicate my results is complex and would require more space than we have time for here. The purpose of this post is to begin creating awareness that this new treatment is available, as a number of my readers are also clients who consult with me about their health and parasite concerns. This is a service that will now be offered during the assessment, or as an add-on to a new client assessment, so that parasites can be found and eliminated all in one go.

For my international readers, let it be confirmed that electrode therapy exists as an actual possibility. Understanding this can redirect mental focus to what is clearly the most effective means of eliminating parasites. Just be sure to understand that you will need to follow Steps 1 through 4, you can’t just start at Step 3.

Step 1: Locate the problem with a muscle testing organ analysis
Step 2: Quantify the problem with prescription medication
Step 3: Introduce the proposed solution (Electrode Therapy minus all Rife frequencies)
Step 4: Retest to see if it worked

Anyone trying to reproduce these results should understand that they will need to muscle test the correct frequency, wave form and voltage, contact points on the body and method of conductivity and then continue to muscle test throughout the process to identify the correct duration. Each of these is a major variable that will affect the outcome.

If this has seemed like a lot of information, the entire content of this post can be summed up in 5 simple words which, if you’ve ever had to take parasite medicine, should get you excited:


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