Muscle Testing was developed in the 1960’s by the medical visionary George Goodheart, honoured by Time Magazine as one of the Top 100 Alternative Medicine Innovators of the 20th Century.

It works as a result of two complementary facts about the human body:

  1. Sodium-potassium pumps in our cells produce a bioelectric field that can be measured and interacted with.
  2. Our brains respond to incoming stress signals by self-protectively reducing outgoing signal (e.g. muscle) strength.

These two facts are complementary because our brains don’t differentiate between incoming stress signals from the 5 senses (e.g. hitting your thumb with a hammer) and incoming stress signals from the bioelectric field. Due to the electrical nature of the brain, stress signals (both physical and electrodynamic) equally result in a reduced outgoing signal which we observe as a weak muscle testing response.

This sounds deceptively simple until we realize that the human experience is defined by its sensory inability to interpret physical wellbeing, both internally (organ, endocrine, circulatory, skeletal, muscular, neural and nutritional needs) and externally (food and water content, toxic consumer products, pollution, metal toxicity, parasites, bacteria, viruses). For all of human history, this lack of understanding of our internal and external environments has shackled us to illness and premature death. The new science of muscle testing allows for accurate interpretations of this formerly inaccessible information and is having an understandably transformative effect on human health. However, transformation requires wide-spread familiarity with muscle testing as a motor skill and sensory aid; and familiarity requires understanding.

The MuscleTesting.com organization provides assessments, seminars and educational materials whose purpose is to promote a worldwide understanding of the science of muscle testing in all its applications. Our end goal is global awareness. At this stage our primary role is to provide health and longevity consultations in a clinical setting. You are invited to participate by signing up for and commenting on our blog page and promoting this site and the practice of muscle testing in general among your circles of friends.

Leonard Carter is the director of MuscleTesting.com which is based in Vancouver, Canada. His specialties are diverse, ranging from organ physiology, biomechanics, molecular nutrition, physical chemistry, parasite microbiology and particle physics to classical languages, logic and the history of science. He has completed ground-breaking work in metal toxicity analysis, permanent food allergy elimination (including celiac and anaphylactic shock) and the resolution to a number of other well-known health conditions.

Leonard is the founder of Vitruvian Training, a former Canadian provider of biomechanics-based muscle testing courses. He is a certified muscle testing practitioner and seminar instructor with 20 years of experience working with organizations and individuals across Canada and internationally. 

In a therapeutic setting, his specialties include providing advice that leads to the elimination of chronic pain, digestive issues, metal toxicities, food allergies (gluten, dairy, soy, nuts, fish), celiac disease (this can be eliminated), diabetes (developing independence from medication), headache and migraine relief, sleep disorders, parasite identification and a host of other similar issues.  

The Experiments in Muscle Testing Blog is the first worldwide project intended to popularize muscle testing for the general public. Its purpose is to present stimulating material in an entertaining, cogent fashion that invites intelligent debate and is designed to inspire widespread use of muscle testing by people from all countries, professions and walks of life. Any interested contributors to the blog can contact Leonard here.